We help founders flourish as they build redemptive ventures.

Due to the nature of our partner businesses, JoyCorps' accelerator program is unique. While most accelerators in the West operate on a 6- to 12-month schedule, JoyCorps takes a deeper dive with its partner businesses, committing to a 2- to 3-year partnership.

Our accelerator is a mentorship-driven program. Modeled after the Praxis Business Accelerator, we equip ventures as they seek the redemptive edge in their industries. We accept just 6 to 8 startups a year, each with up to two leaders.

We seek to help entrepreneurs operate more fully through a redemptive lens, all while being serious about the growth of their ventures. We commit to empowering our fellows to reach sustainability and scale.



Expert mentorship in strategy and operations
Clarity of mission and message
Access to values-aligned capital sources
Cultural adaptation strategies
Market Analysis
Connection to the Global Market
Communication Training
Exposure to other like-minded entrepreneurs


Each Accelerator program is customized to the needs of the Fellows and the areas of expertise of the mentors. We leverage over 150 topics to create talks, workshops, and breakouts during our retreats. Every component of the program — whether it’s about leadership, strategy, or execution — is designed to explore the redemptive edge of the topic.


The fellow experience is geared toward venture and founder-specific needs and opportunities, while also providing as many meaningful interactions with peers, mentors, and core team members as possible in our time together. The in-person gatherings in the Golden Triangle are fast-paced and fully scheduled. Fellows leave the in-person gatherings with fresh ideas, practical templates and tools, new relationships, and actionable feedback.