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Sustainable Tonewood Project

Taylor Guitars + Dehradun Guitar Company | Dehradun, India

The Sustainable Tonewood Project promotes the sustainable sourcing of tonewoods for guitars and will equip us with the skills and training needed to advance our experience in forestry and sustainability. In the words of Scott Paul at Taylor Guitars, "the guitar represents the world's forests" as each part of a guitar requires a specific kind of wood, all of which flourish in different kinds of forests under varying environmental conditions.

Our partner social-enterprise in northern India, Dehradun Guitar Company, was inspired by Bob Taylor's work with The Ebony Project in Cameroon—a pioneer in sustainable wood sourcing practices—and seeks to replicate Taylor's project in south and southeast Asia. We will undergo training with Bob Taylor and his Natural Resource Sustainability team, who have been pursuing the success of The Ebony Project from ecological, socio-ecological and legal perspectives. Post training, we will conduct research in India with an aim of implementing projects across the country that support the culture and livelihoods of indigenous communities by establishing a sustainable lifecycle plan for different tonewoods in the country, i.e. resources that these communities identify with culturally.


Livelihood and Business Sustainability Project

J&M Murray and Co. Pvt. Ltd | Rajpur, India

This project will help JoyCorps' partner social-enterprise in northern India improve its business efficiencies and competitiveness in the manufacturing sector. This project is unique in that it is very participatory: the challenges and their solutions come from the business leaders on ground.

Often, the industry practice is to hire professional consultants for such strategic decisions. We believe that this is a fallacy, because outsiders cannot be expected to understand the unique context of a small-scale social enterprise. What is most effective is when business leaders, who understand the challenges and also know what works in their region and among their people, receive the support needed to implement their ideas successfully. JoyCorps' efforts to provide such support to entrepreneurs and managers is very crucial for social enterprises.