We equip and empower indigenous entrepreneurs operating in marginalized communities, helping them to build innovative, sustainable businesses and cultivate thriving communities.


Equipping and Empowering Indigenous Entrepreneurs

We live in an unprecedented time, where culture is largely shaped by entrepreneurs. That's why we believe the best way to shape culture and fight poverty is to equip, resource, train and empower entrepreneurs in marginalized communities to operate their businesses with a redemptive lens. Redemptive businesses can change communities economically, socially, and physically.


Building Innovative and Sustainable Businesses

Entrepreneurs operating in developing countries face incredible obstacles. Through our Venture Labs, Accelerator Program, and Maker's Space, we help indigenous leaders create successful businesses built to last. We focus on innovation—both in the way we create and develop products and systems, and in the way we tackle the major societal challenges our partners face.


Cultivating Thriving Communities

We partner with entrepreneurs who live and work alongside the people they employ and who have a justice-based strategy for transforming their communities. This proximity affords them a deeper understanding of their community's unique strengths, challenges, and needs, and it enables them to model holistic health.