The JoyCorps Venture Lab exists to help entrepreneurs go from ideation to the formation of a viable, sustainable venture.


Our hope is to frame and shape what issues we should be working on and how we work on them. We do this in partnership with Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, developing new ventures to address the major societal challenges we face in our regions.

Though entrepreneurs may enter the Lab with little more than an idea of what they would like their next venture to achieve, our combination of human-centered venture design, partnerships with local, experienced mentors, and a personal discernment process helps them create a new endeavor at the redemptive edge of an industry or field.


We're currently incubating half a dozen ventures in Southeast Asia, each with its own local, missional-minded entrepreneur. We are also beginning to implement these structures and strategies across multiple inner-city communities in the U.S. We believe that what we've learned by doing business in some of the world's most difficult places has equipped us with the tools needed to tackle poverty in America as well.